How To Enjoy the Little Things #1

Introduction to this post
Hi everyone! This will be my first post about the art of enjoying the little things!
Enjoying the little things means that you get to do things you don’t normally do regularly, but you will feel the joy after you suceeded in doing so.
This little things could be used to kill time, to pleasure yourself, or also to spread happiness around people. These little things done should put no harm to yourself or other people.

Enjoy the Little Things
I got this inspiration when I was travelling to Bali, when I was at a big gift shop (Krisna). Krisna is a very huge place, selling variety of gifts.. From clothes to snacks, from soap to handycrafts.

This may be the perfect place to shop for Bali related things, unless you’re just not into shopping and you rarely buy gifts.. just like me 🙂
Everytime I come here, I would only wander around just looking at things.. There are so many unique things to find here and also very eye-catching.

It took me awhile to realize, that it would be boring if you’re wandering around in a store without the need to buy anything. It might take hours for your friends (or whoever you’re going with) to shop because of the overwhelming things they rarely find at their local store.

While I was just walking around aimlessly, something caught my eye.

These are body lotions, or body butter, with various smells and colors.

Now you may be wondering what I have to do with these body lotions.. especially I’m a guy (no, I’m not into body lotions I promise).
Then this curiosity popped out in my head.. what do these things smell like?

I started searching the different aromas.

(From left to right: You got chocolate, markisa, papaya, apple, green tea, and avocado)

There are still other aromas, such as orange, kiwi, seaweed, and others that I have forgotten myself.

Out of curiousity, I smelled them.. one by one

They smell surprisingly so good!

They really have different aromas from different ingredients. Some of them smell mild, while some of them smell so strong.. yuck >.<
My favorite is probably avocado, apple, green tea, and papaya because the smell is not too tangy 🙂

While I was checking out those body butter, my little cousins was watching me curiously, maybe wondering what I was doing.. sniffing stuff in the store.. (maybe I’m a bit crazy lol)

My cousins may be the cutest kids, but they can also be little devils as well 😛 running around, teasing each other, making fun of the older ones (making fun of me 😦 )
Yelling at little kids would be a no no for me.. it’s useless..
Instead, it’s better to distract them with other things they might get hooked to..

I asked one of cousins to try and sniff them.. three seconds later, she put on a funny face

but then, all my cousins seems so curious as well, they also started to open them one by one and also sniff them 😛

That was the time I realized it could be fun for kids also 🙂

This is the example of enjoying the little things 😛
it is one of the simple things you could enjoy with everyone..
at least for the guys, you don’t have to be bored waiting for your girlfriend while she’s shopping around 😀